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Bryan Davis
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Starlighter (2010)

This is an interesting read. Not Bryan Davis's best work, but it was enjoyable.The synopsis is pretty misleading; the two "main" characters of the book don't even really meet until over 300 pages into it.The book starts by switching P.O.V's at the beginning of each chapter. The problem with this ...

Starlighter (2010) by Bryan Davis

La Iluminada (2012)

I could say so much about this book, but I will start by saying that I didn't really enjoy it. It was slow-paced, unoriginal, and the style of writing was mediocre. I remember when I bought this book and was really excited to read it. Finally I started it. Almost immediately I was disappointed. T...

La Iluminada (2012) by Bryan Davis

Diviner (2011)

This book reminds me of Moses the true prophet of God and the counterfeits Jannes and Jambres. It also brings to mind the many persecuted servants of God burned at the stake who were mistaken for workers of darkness. I like the many characters that unfold throughout the pages of this book and thr...

Diviner (2011) by Bryan Davis

Eye of the Oracle (2006)

What ancient mysteries lurk behind the amazing stories in the Dragons in our Midst series? Eye of the Oracle takes the reader back in time to the days when dragons abounded. From the era just before Noah's ark, through the battles between dragons and mankind in the time of King Arthur, and to the...

Eye of the Oracle (2006) by Bryan Davis

Raising Dragons (2004)

A boy learns of his dragon past; a girl has known hers for years. They combine their faith, courage, and love to overcome an evil slayer who seeks to bring an end to dragon heritage, forever. The kids at school call Billy "Dragon Breath" for good reason. His breath is bad! It isn't the normal, m...

Raising Dragons (2004) by Bryan Davis

Tears of a Dragon (2005)

Now that the Watchers are free, Billy and his friends embark on the final showdown. Billy and Bonnie go after Clefsphere, journeying into a new world that is more familiar than they suspected, while everyone else organizes the remaining dragons for war. Morgan takes a new hostim. The Watchers bat...

Tears of a Dragon (2005) by Bryan Davis

Circles of Seven (2005)

A little over half way and the third book are both good and bad. Plot twists seem contrived with the circle of seven, witnessing seems stiff at times. Hope last half of book picks up steam.I stand by my three stars, bringing Dante’s Divine Comedy into nonsensical Seven Rings of Hell into the stor...

Circles of Seven (2005) by Bryan Davis

Enoch's Ghost (2007)

    Walter, Ashley, and Karen ride the dragon Thigocia in search of her son, Gabriel, and her long-lost mate, Makaidos. When Walter and Ashley find an army of giants hibernating in the depths of the earth, they meet a mysterious girl named Sapphira Adi who claims to be thousands of years old. Sap...

Enoch's Ghost (2007) by Bryan Davis


Earlier, it had split into two streams, one of which exited the forest to the east, while the one they now followed flowed from the south. Not far to the west, the barrier wall ran parallel to this stream and provided a guiding boundary. At least they wouldn’t stray too far to that side.  &n...

Liberator by Bryan Davis

Nightmare’s Edge

Nathan asked. Daryl nodded. “At least that’s what the computer says.” “Then we’d better figure out how to use the mirror to get to Earth Yellow. Finding my father is still priority one.” Nathan’s mother pressed the violin under her chin. “I’ll try ‘Foundation’s Key.’ That seems to unlock a lot of...

Nightmare’s Edge by Bryan Davis

The Candlestone (2010)

“Is this the spot?”     Professor Hamilton eyed the GPS. “I believe so, Walter. It matches the coordinates I calculated, but it’s all based on a guess I made while in the air.”     Walter kicked at a pile of dead leaves and surveyed the bare trees that stoo...

The Candlestone (2010) by Bryan Davis


Once yellow and supple, they were now browned and crumbling after succumbing to the poison Tibalt had concocted in preparation for their journey back to the dragon planet. The plants’ fragrance could no longer render them unconscious as it had during their previous visit.     ...

Warrior by Bryan Davis

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