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Tears of a Dragon (2005)

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Tears Of A Dragon (2005) - Plot & Excerpts

Now that the Watchers are free, Billy and his friends embark on the final showdown. Billy and Bonnie go after Clefsphere, journeying into a new world that is more familiar than they suspected, while everyone else organizes the remaining dragons for war. Morgan takes a new hostim. The Watchers battle with strength and treachery.Really, it's impossible to know how to summarize the book without giving everything away. In fact, if you read the Acknowledgements section at the beginning, you've read the whole book (I wish I was joking). Davis now reveals what felt like a really sexist angle to the whole plot: apparently girls are supposed to fight by supporting their men, not by doing anything themselves. So the entire book is about men fighting and their women supporting them. Excalibur's halo protection only works on girls. Why? Because men can take care of themselves. Despite the attempt to portray it as a weapon of faith, Davis fails utterly because what it comes down to in the end is a question of lineage (did you have the right father?) and gender (females get vastly more perks).And if you think I'm blowing this out of proportion, read until you hit the bit where they're talking---very seriously---about how a woman's presence can affect a man's "masculine energy." That word popped up about twenty times in two and a half pages. I was laughing so hard I cried. It reads like a cheap romance novel.Oh, and we can't forget the laser beams from the eyes healing move, or the sparkly force fields. Or how every main character manages to die at least once in the course of the series and subsequently gets healed with no aftereffects. Death means nothing in these books. Bonnie dies---whoops, bring her back. Billy dies---whoops, can't get rid of him. Billy's mom dies---nope, not her either. Billy's dad dies about three times---what, you thought that would kill him? Devin dies multiple times---but we couldn't be bothered to think up a new villain. Merlin dies several times---don't worry, his poetry will continue to torment the rest of us. Merlin's wife and Prof's wife die---but we think that's too tragic, so we'll give them another chance. All the dragons died---but we really, really need a few for the last battle scene, so we'll bring them all back. Twice. Prof dies---what, someone who stayed dead? But he lingers as a ghost long enough to give several pages of encouragement before vanishing.See what I mean? And even with that list I think I missed a few. And that's why I can't take these books seriously. If death means nothing, life means nothing. The struggle to live is reduced to whistling for a healer whenever someone keels over, or just waiting for an impossible resurrection.On another level, the theology was really stretching on a lot of points, and totally screwed up on the rest. Apparently you can only be saved if you're human---what Jesus did only applies to actual humans. Dragons need not apply unless they plan to get turned into people (which they all do, pretty much). The spirits of dead people can possess the living (but in a "good" way! Really! And I'm sure it's "part of God's plan" so it's okay). Faith's only role in the battle against evil is to trust God will take care of it and go do your own thing. Billy's sacrifice was meant to echo Christ, but the way it played out really made me think Billy was meant to take Christ's place instead: first you get saved by Billy, then you can get saved by Christ. It would have made a lot more sense to promote Christ as the only Savior, but putting Billy so literally in His shoes had the opposite effect than intended.This series started out amusing enough, and I had hoped it would find some good points as Davis grew more experienced. The prose has improved in this volume over the first. I find it hard to spot anything more. Characters are still flat and act very much the way they do the first time you met them. It's ridiculously easy to see where the plot is going. And the good guys get so many breaks it stops being believable. I was willing to suspend disbelief for the dragons---very happy to, in fact. I am not willing to believe every single good guy who dies simply won't stay dead until the very end (can I get more than one actual casualty, please? out of at least fifty deaths?). I refuse to even recommend this for kicks. It's too frustrating and offers nothing worth the effort. Not Recommended.

This fabulous story to Dragons in Our Midst comes to a satisfying conclusion. Billy has unleashed the Watchers a group of Fallen Angels from the seventh circle in the process of trying to free his Father's spirit that was cast into the abyss he also freed the Watchers, but his Father's spirit disappeared after he destroyed the pit. What happened to him? It's Billy task to go on another adventure to find his Father everything depends on him finding his Dad. The only thing that can defeat the Watchers are Dragons. Luckily he save Dragons that had been trapped in the Seventh Circle, but his Dad was the best war dragon. The fate of the whole world depends on Clefspeare to surrender himself to the creator and to defeat the Watchers. Billy journeys to another dimension, with Bonnie at his side they arrive in Dragons Rest (Dragons Limbo) and Billy that he must try and save every dragon's soul and bring them in to service to the Christ. But he learns that he's the dragons Messiah and may very well have to follow the same steps as his Messiah Jesus. Meanwhile back on Earth Walter, Ashley, Prof, and company fight the Watchers. Will Billy be able to find his Dad? Will he be able to convince the other Dragons that service to the Messiah is better than living in world where they would repeat things daily? Can Morgan and The Watchers be stopped? Find out by Reading Tears of a Dragon. I enjoyed this book very much. Dragons in our Midst is a must read series and to me it's timeless. The adventure do not end here though a new adventure begins with a sequel series called Oracles of Fire. Book 1 Eye of the Oracle is the Back story to Dragons in our Midst. Book 2 Enoch's Ghost continues where Tears of a Dragon leaves off. You meet new characters that have been apart of the story all along as well as you reunite with old characters. The sequel series is as equally amazing as the first maybe even more so.

What do You think about Tears Of A Dragon (2005)?

Incredibly cheesy, shallow, simplistic, unrealistic, and condescending (in a lighthearted sort of way). With flat characters, patronizing dialogue, and meaningless villains and death, nothing in this book can be taken seriously.Medieval sorceresses and hellish demons that say things like "Enough chichat!" or "Oh, don't play dumb, my little brainiac." or "I know you're up to something," or "What do you think I am, your tour guide? I'll shake this plane so hard, you'll hear your own bones rattle!" The protagonists spout things like "Right! The black stuff nailed her!" or ramble off jokes like "the dragon slayer vacuum cleaner" at the most inappropriate times, essentially killing any worthiness/seriousness in the action.Every character in this series speaks in the exact same way, with no distinction made between teenagers, middle-aged adults and centuries-old knights. Davis tries and fails to bring in some fancy-sounding words, but because his world is so shallow, his ideas fall flat. No modern teenager writes or talks like Bonnie Silver does, (I don't care how gifted or smart they are) such as when she conveniently writes a letter explaining the plot in the previous books. Davis just inserts his own explanations of what's going on into any character's mouth, with little regard for the characters themselves.Not only that, but by book four, the kids' voices should have changed by now, yet there's no discernible growth or maturity to be seen. Davis just tells the reader things have changed. In fact, some characters seem to regress in this book, like Bonnie, who takes a backseat to the action while "Billy the king" gets to take part in the plot. All Bonnie does is pray and give encouraging looks, sitting there in her pretty dress and fake halo to be Billy's muse (offering emotional support because apparently that's all girls can do in Christian fiction, nowadays). Davis shoves hollow morality down the reader's throat by portraying the job of girls to be that of inventing useful stuff and healing people, so others can wrestle with demons -- there's no portrayal of women in this book overcoming anything more serious than their own silent fears.Everything is far too convenient, and therefore meaningless. We've got Ashley magically spewing healing laser beams out of her eyes, and, wouldn't you know it, there's no time to explain. Walter's father Carl suddenly knows how to use the magic properties of a sword right at the last moment. Merlin warns that Devin's spirit will disintegrate without a body, but the bodiless Professor can chat for several pages without going anywhere. Billy claims he has no idea what to do, but somehow he knows that he needs to disintegrate himself with a light-saber sword, to travel through a gemstone, to an in-between Purgatory place for dragons, to make un-dead dragon souls step through a theater screen at 3 o'clock, which is a gateway to earth powered by the prayers of faithful people... Ugh. I won't go on. It's just way too ridiculous to say aloud.Several people also die and/or are fatally wounded in this book, but there's no moments of real grief, and they're back on their feet again within the same chapter. Does Davis just kill characters whenever he feels like it? And then at other times the fighting is delayed just enough so a character can ask a question, notice something pretty, or display an emotion. Davis tries to make a big deal out of doubts about death or missing family members, but he solves every problem too easily, so it's all inconsequential. Horrifying things are going on in this book, and all the characters can do is make jokes about it.See this good review for the only other negative critique of this book on Goodreads: the young kids reviewing this book are SO excited about the action and seemingly intricate plot full of names, but this book doesn't really tackle the hard questions head on. It just mentions them through patronizing jokes, disguised in shiny dragon scales, propped up with a cardboard backstory. I would trade this stereotypical Christianese fiction for some Narnia -- heck, even some Harry Potter -- any day.

I finally finished the series. What a rush! I got emotional as usual, but now I'm sad. It was a good ending, but I'm still not satisfied! I wanted to read an epilogue of Bonnie and Billy getting married.. To answer my curiosity. Do they have children? Are they, too anthrozils? and most importantly, Does. Bonnie. Have. Wings? Also, I'd like to hear about Ashley, Walter, Karen, and Thigocia's adventures! I did enjoy Ashley teasing and joking around. Haha, she finally caught Walter's contagious pun

Imagine for a moment you are a huge, fire-breathing, immortal, wise, ancient dragon. Who can fly! If someone offered you a 'chance' to become a human, would you take it? Maybe I'm in the minority, but if I were a dragon, I would stay a dragon. And that brings me to my next question, if you could fly with awesome dragon wings, but still be human, or if you could breathe fire, but still be human, would it even cross your mind to want to give it up? Again, why on earth would you give up these wonde

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