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Windwalker (2004)

Windwalker (2004)
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Windwalker (2004)
Windwalker (2004)

About book: I finally got around to finishing this series. I took a 4 year break inbetween the 2nd and 3rd book, so the plot seemed a bit jarbled and characters seemed to be just tossed in for flavor. Often enough, the books in Forgotten Realms need to have a bunch of loose ends tied up at the end of a series, and this was seemed to be no different.The heros, Liriel and Fyodor, make their way back to Rashemen. This takes half the book, as they get into lots of misadventures and must fight through their old enemies.There is an interesting concept that the drow goddess Lloth want's Liriel's soul more than any other because Liriel has rebuked her. I liked the idea, but it was hardly fleshed out enough...again, it felt like too much was crammed into one book.Other reviewers seem to not like the end...I didn't think the end was necessarly bad, except when it comes to the things that I mentioned before.Over all, worth the time, but I would have liked to see more from it.

Once more Cunningham has created a masterpiece. It took me a while to be caught up in the story but eventually it took hold. The ending is not one I expected. It left me with a deep sense of sorrow instead of the expected happy ending, which never came. Still there was some satisfaction in how it ended. Cunningham left a small thread of hope that the young drow might eventually find peace with her place and a home, even with a pack of wolves (you'll have to read the book to understand). Still, the battle was well fought. Yet what does one seek in battle? A glorious victory? Or, freedom?
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The first two book of this trilogy was really quite good, in line with the drow lore established by R. A. Salvatore and others. The previous had a definite plot, a good build-up of intrigue, and an excellent finale. The third book was quite disappointing. The plot was quite weak and story meandered throughout until it started to pick up a bit, but by then it was the finale.I believe this third book was aimed at setting Liriel up for future adventures with her new traveling companions; to give a
I really love the first two books but the ending to this one is lacking in... well an ending.
Windwalker is the third and last book of Starlight & Shadows series, which was written by Elaine Cunningham in 2003.It’s easy to read whole series, but I could not like it. I like Fyodor of Rashemen and Liriel Baenre characters, but there is no depth for them. It is just like reading a story and what is happening in this story. There are not enough dialogs.The plot is not well defined in the story, our characters are working to achieve something but could not feel their motivations. Also could not find any interesting parts in the setting, it is like a well-known definition of the Forgotten Realms world.I’ll rate the book in details soon.
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