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Wildest Dreams (1992)

Wildest Dreams (1992)
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Wildest Dreams (1992)
Wildest Dreams (1992)

About book: Wildest Dreams by Jennifer Blake is a 1992 publication. What a great story. Joletta has her world turned upside down when her fiancee decides he's not ready for marriage after all and then her grandmother dies suddenly, taking with her the formula for their most famous perfume. Joletta' s relatives are dying to get their hands on the formula so they can sell it to a large cosmetic company, making them quite wealthy. But, Joletta doesn't want to sell and her grandmother left her an old journal written by one of their ancestors that might hold a clue about the formula. So, Joletta sets off to Europe hoping to research the places in the journal . She soon finds she has a lot of familiar company. Rone meets Joletta in New Orleans. He then follows her to Europe. Joletta begins to care for Rone, but he has a secret that will have to come out. When it does , Joletta will not feel the same about him.As Joletta travels through Europe, she constantly refers to the journal written by her great, great, great, etc. grandmother, Violet. We are taken back in time to Violet' s dull marriage and an illicit affair which leads to the discovery of the now famous perfume and an epic love story.We switch back and forth between past and present . The two stories parallel each other. Both women are let down by men , both women are put in grave danger ,and both women find true love. I wish there were more stories like this one. Overall a A.

This story starts out very interesting. Joletta's grandmother has died without passing on the recipe to the family perfume shop's most famous perfume. Joletta's ancestress Violet got the recipe while on a trip in Europe. Joletta heads to Europe with Violet's journal to see if retracing the steps of her ancestor will help elucidate the perfume recipe. Joletta encounters attempts on her life.We flash back to Violet's experiences and life. At first this is very interesting but it begins to bog down the current day story when it takes over right as it looks like Joletta may get some answers.
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