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Voice Of The Violin (2004)

Voice of the Violin (2004)
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Voice Of The Violin (2004)
Voice Of The Violin (2004)

About book: The fourth in the Montalbano series and the most straightforward in terms of narrative. The Inspector finds a corpse, investigates, finds the culprit. This is a straightforward whodunit plot. But there is more in it than that. At one point he is taken off the investigation by the new commissioner who has brought in a new order and is replaced by one of the commissioner’s cronies: the case is mishandled, an innocent man is killed and the police cover it up: Montalbano does some crafty political manipulations to outmanoeuvre the commissioner and the new order and get himself returned to the case. Montalbano is an attractive figure (despite all his grouchiness) because he is a rebel, always going against authority if he thinks it is the right thing to do (one of his colleagues calls him a communist), but at the same time he is very conservative, looking back to a quieter, less bustling past: he will drive the long route rather than take the freeway for the sake of the view, he loves the craftsmanship of good food, he hates computers and the new fangled police methods. But, of course, we all know the new fangled methods are more efficient. Montalbano is not just the old individualistic cop holding out against the faceless efficiency of a modern police force, he is also the fictional police detective holding out against the practicalities of policing in the real world. He is a fantasy figure investigating fantasy murders – and I can’t help suspecting that his Sicily, so praised by his English language readers, is also a nostalgic fantasy.

Alla fine, nei gialli di Camilleri, la cosa meno importante �� la scoperta del colpevole. Lo dimostra il fatto che, nonostante avessi a suo tempo visto il film tv e molto probabilmente letto anche il libro, e vagamente ricordassi persino chi era l'assassino, l'abbia letto con passione e pieno coinvolgimento.In fondo in fondo, nei gialli di Camilleri, il delitto �� solo un pretesto per descrivere uno spaccato di umanit�� variegata e contraddittoria e per rappresentare un angolo di Sicilia nella quale continuano a convivere consuetudini ancestrali e interessi economici moderni e spietati.In tutto questo la figura di Salvo Montalbano �� l'anello di congiunzione, �� la continua mediazione tra la Giustizia e la giusta soluzione, il compromesso tra la legge e l'umanit��. I suoi continui dubbi, i suoi scatti d'ira, le sue debolezza, le sue passioni, ma soprattutto i suoi pensieri, nascosti a tutti gli altri ma non ai suoi lettori, contribuiscono a farne uno di noi con tutti i suoi pregi e tutti i suoi tanti difetti.Leggere di Montalbano �� in fondo l'approdo sicuro, come un buon bicchiere di vino rosso, una passeggiata in riva al mare, o una vecchia canzone dei Beatles: puoi essere certo che non ti deluder��, e che ti avvolger�� come l'abbraccio di un caro amico che non vedevi da un po'.
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E.M. Lynley
The first Camilleri book I finished. I listed to the audio book while on a long drive, which made it easier to hold my attention than previous attempts.I enjoyed the book and the narration. This is the sort of series where you get little tidbits of information along the way but you really can't figure the whole thing out until the end when you get some additional missing pieces to tie the story together. I stopped trying to work all the pieces into one shape partway through, and just enjoyed the storytelling and the incredible sense of place.I've been to Sicily, so I particularly enjoyed getting into the minds of locals, rather than seeing everything from an outsider's perspective. Overall, the story was very enjoyable, though the mystery and its resolution weren't the main reason for that. Had it not been set in an interesting locale, I probably would have rated this story a three or 3.5.I did get enough of a taste of the characters to decide to read more in the series.
Me llamó mucho la atención el nombre de este libro, y cuando me lo regalaron lo leí de inmediato, no había leído nada de Andrea Camilleri y me gustó bastante, las novelas policíacas tienen ese encanto de no poder parar de leerlas una vez comienzas. El Comisario Montalbano es seco, no tengo palabras para describir este personaje, su capacidad analítica es increíble, y sabe llevar el suspenso durante todo el libro, lamentablemente, comencé leyendo esta entrega, que es la cuarta de una serie de novelas protagonizadas por el, tengo entendido que tienen una trama que no es secuencial, pero que es necesario leerlas desde el principio para entender las relaciones entre algunos personajes. Volviendo a la trama del libro, está muy bien lograda, a medida que avanza vemos como se entrelaza la vida de cada uno de los personajes en el asesinato de Michella Licalzi; como la traición y la avaricia llevan a convertir en asesinos y encubridores a pobres desgraciados hambrientos de dinero. Creo que se leva una mención honrosa Catarella, el único que durante todo el libro nos hace reír a carcajadas con sus desvaríos lingüísticos.Le doy 4 de 5 estrellas porque el asesino fue un cobarde y no merecía ese final e w é
"Voice of the Violin" is the fourth book in Andrea Camilleri's Inspector Salvo Montalbano series. The plot in this book is stronger than ever and Montalbano and other recurring characters continue to grow and become move vivid. You can't help but fall in love with Montalbano and the rough exterior he presents in order to hide the caring and attentive cop he is inside. Yet another aspect of Camilleri's books that i love is the fast pace. The books in this series flow so smoothly...never too many or too few words...ideal in telling the story and solving the crime. Definitely one of my favourite mystery series that i'm currently reading.Jacket notes: "In this latest novel, Montalbano's gruesome discovery of a lovely, naked young woman suffocated in her bed immediately sets him on a search for her killer. Among the suspects are her aging husband, a famous doctor; a shy admirer, now disappeared; an antiques-dealing lover from Bologna; and the victim's friend Anna, whose charms Montalbano cannot help but appreciate. But it is a mysterious, reclusive violinist who holds the key to this murder."
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