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Tributary (River Of Time 3.2 Novella)

Tributary (River of Time 3.2 Novella)
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Tributary (River Of Time 3.2 Novella)
Tributary (River Of Time 3.2 Novella)

About book: And I had to entirely avoid the winding riverbed and boulder field that left me exposed. I couldn’t risk the guards at Castello Greco spotting me and riding out to find out what I was up to.
The border was just a mile distant now, across an ancient creek bed that the Nine had defined as the new dividing line between Firenze and Siena, reclaiming territory that had been in Fiorentini hands for two generations. Trees had been felled on either side, widening the line. Castello Forelli sent groups of six men to spend three days at a time up here at the old watchtower, but Gabi and I had only visited once for a celebration, and when we did, we’d been surrounded by fifty of their best warriors.
I shoved down another shiver of fear as I rounded a bend in the road. I wished she could be here, with me. Beside her, I was stronger. I touched the bow on my shoulder. Especially now… When my mare stumbled a bit, I renewed my focus on the old Roman road, knowing I had to concentrate. Just get through this and— I saw them, then.
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