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The Last Notebook Of Leonardo (2010)

The Last Notebook of Leonardo (2010)
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The Last Notebook Of Leonardo (2010)
The Last Notebook Of Leonardo (2010)

About book: I didn’t like him.
3 We walked down the street in the snow. It was dark out already and the snow looked very beautiful falling through the cones of light underneath the street lamps. Sometimes people stared at us, and some of them laughed as if they thought it was a joke, but a lot of people didn’t even seem to notice. They were too busy shopping or trying to flag down a taxi. I was in my coat and boots, hat and mittens, holding my father’s hand. My father, who didn’t own any clothes big enough for an orangutan, wore his boots unlaced and a big umbrella to keep the snow from his head. His fur was so long and shaggy that he didn’t mind the cold very much. His legs were short in comparison to the rest of his body, and his knees stuck out to the sides, so that at every step his body rocked from side to side.
“Ah, it’s such a treat, Jem,” he said. “Such a new perspective. I never was so tall before.”
“Yes Dad,” I said, but not very enthusiastically. I was of two minds about the situation.
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