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The Wrong Dog (2000)

The Wrong Dog (2000)
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0802733484 (ISBN13: 9780802733481)
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The Wrong Dog (2000)
The Wrong Dog (2000)

About book: This was the first mystery I have read by this author. It took me a chapter to sort of catch up because I hadn't read the first books in the series but it wasn't a serious disadvantage. I intend to look for the other books in the series. I happened to come across this book at the library fair and picked it up with two other good mysteries featuring dogs. The mystery, essentially involving a mad scientist funded by a criminally rich egotist, was pretty interesting, the detective is suitably amateur and the dogs were pretty much perfect. I look for mysteries involving cats and dogs but I have some preferences. I want the animals to be smart but I really wish they wouldn't be psychic, narrate the story, or solve mysteries on their own. The animals in this book were, in spite of everything, satisfyingly normal. And they go on the paper.
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