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The Wrath Of The Lizard Lord (2014)

The Wrath of the Lizard Lord (2014)
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The Wrath Of The Lizard Lord (2014)
The Wrath Of The Lizard Lord (2014)

About book: In the glow of the fire, men sang and passed food and drink. Gog’s son sat on a huge wooden throne, glowering into the flickering flames.
Dakkar shivered. ‘We’re outstaying our welcome,’ he said as he sat at the door of his hut, watching the remnants of the underworld tribes dancing and telling tales.
‘You can’t blame Gog’s son for resenting us,’ Georgia said, folding her arms and leaning against the hut wall next to Dakkar. ‘To him, there’s little difference between us and the count’s men.’ ‘You two wearin’ them ridiculous black uniforms doesn’t help,’ Mary said from within the hut. She sat on a makeshift stool carved from an old log. ‘A girl in trousers? You’ll be carted off to the asylum when we get topside again!’ ‘If we ever get topside again,’ Dakkar murmured, mulling over the past few days. After Napoleon had died and the last of the Cryptos Guard had fled, somehow Dakkar had imagined a hurried chase to the surface. ‘I thought we’d be there by now.’ Reality had been a little different.
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