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The Western Wizard (1992)

The Western Wizard (1992)
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The Western Wizard (1992)
The Western Wizard (1992)

About book: The Western Wizard by Mickey Zucker ReichertSequel to The Last of the Renshai. The Western Wizard was a thrilling novel about war, loyalty, king-building, prophecy and the search for the Western Wizard's successor. I found it to be a very enjoyable read in which I also found myself invested in the fate of the characters. Some of the character interactions were a bit rough and there were places where the emotional narrative was given too much tell as opposed to show. However it didn't really affect my enjoyment of the book. There was one exchange between the Eastern Wizard and Colby that really made me laugh:'Colby studied the Eastern Wizard. "I guess we'll find you useful after all."Now Shadimar grinned broadly. "If you had just confessed that at the beginning of our discussion, we could have finished long ago. What is it with warriors that makes them jabber endlessly without saying anything?""Warriors?" Amused by the role reversal, Colbey laughed. He indulged Shadimar's whimsy for the sake of the joke. "Maybe. Just maybe, I'm practicing to be a Wizard." (575).'
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