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The Time Thief (2011)

The Time Thief (2011)
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Dundurn Press Limited
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The Time Thief (2011)
The Time Thief (2011)

About book: Aimee said quietly and touched Mika’s arm. Her hand lingered over Angel’s back before she got off the bed.
    Mika nodded goodbye to her friend, her eyes brimming with tears. Mom looked more than upset, she looked angry. There was no way she’d say yes now.
    “Mom, she’s a really quiet cat,” was all Mika could think to say, once Aimee had gone.
    Matt burst into the room, Billy right behind him. “A kitty?” Matt shrieked, bombarding her with his voice. “Where’s a kitty?” He stopped short when he saw Angel sitting calmly on the bed, washing one snowy paw.
    “What’s its name, Mika?” yelled Billy. “Can I hold it?”
    “Shhh, don’t be so loud! No, you can’t hold her,” Mika said, then gulped and looked up at Mom. The disapproving look was even stronger. “Maybe later you can touch her,” she added quickly.
    “Is this why you asked me about a pet yesterday?”
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