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Angela Dorsey

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Books by Angela Dorsey
The Time Thief (2011)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 3
Aimee said quietly and touched Mika’s arm. Her hand lingered over Angel’s back before she got off the bed.     Mika nodded goodbye to her friend, her eyes brimming with tears. Mom looked more than upset, she looked angry. There was no way she’d say yes now.    &...
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Within seconds she was at the door, watching. The shiny black car pulled up to the farmhouse. As soon as the cloud of dust settled, an elegant woman stepped out of the driver’s seat. She looks so out of place, Lauren thought as she watched the woman pick her way past the border collie lying on th...
Silver Dream
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He could see them as soon as he reached the gate to their paddock. One of them – it must be Thunder – was glowing white in the moonlight. The man slumped against the gate. He’d go down there in a minute, as soon as he caught his breath. He watched them with fatigue-clouded eyes, four dark dots an...
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