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Read The Seacroft: A Love Story (Paines Creek Beach Book 2)

The Seacroft: a love story (Paines Creek Beach Book 2)

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The Seacroft: A Love Story (Paines Creek Beach Book 2) - Plot & Excerpts

From force of habit, she strode forward and opened it. A white-haired gentleman stood on the porch holding a beat-up leather satchel. “Doctor Wheeler?” “Yes,” he said in a smooth baritone voice. He held out a steady hand. “Pleased to meet you, young lady.”“Thank you. You, too.” She shook his hand. “Please come in.”With a nod to the detective, the doctor looked around. “So, where’s my patient?”Detective Warren came closer, gesturing to the ceiling. “She’s upstairs, resting.”“Uvi’s lost it,” Cody blurted out. “She tried to kill us, Doc. She held us at gunpoint. Was going to shoot us and throw us overboard out there.” He gestured toward the sea, his face graven. “And to tell you the truth, she almost got away with it.”The doctor held up a hand. “I’ve heard the story, son. Warren here gave me the scoop. I’ll talk to her and give you my recommendation shortly.”Vivian turned to the detective. “Shall I take him up?”Detective Warren nodded.

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