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Trouble On The Thames (2015)

Trouble on the Thames (2015)
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Poisoned Pen Press
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Trouble On The Thames (2015)
Trouble On The Thames (2015)

About book: Ding-dong. Ding-dong.
    A metallic boom floated vaguely into his consciousness, and with a protesting grunt Owen rolled over on to his elbow and reluctantly opened his eyes. His first sensation was one of utter bewilderment. For a moment or two he lay staring round the unfamiliar room with its long array of shelves and cupboards, and then, flinging off the rug that covered the lower part of his body, he struggled up stiffly into a sitting position. Where the deuce was he, and why— His hand went up to his head and his exploring fingers encountered a bandage. The effect was what is sometimes described as “electrical.” It was just as though he had pressed a button and some obstructing curtain had been suddenly whisked aside.
    “My holy aunt!” he muttered. “The angel’s workshop, of course!” Like a queer unrolling film the events of the previous night began to crowd back into his mind. Curiously enough, they seemed to be taking place in reverse order.
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