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The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare

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The Last Wizard Of Eneri Clare - Plot & Excerpts

Those rooms that were often empty were now bustling with activity. The Palace Physician had arrived, along with several assistants, and house servants were dashing back and forth for hot water, cloths, blankets, and various other items. Warlowe had personally stepped in to direct traffic as soon as he had heard what happened. His face was white and pinched as he met her in the anteroom, and related to her what had transpired in the last half hour. They had laid Tvrdik in her own bed and covered him with warm blankets. But when the physician had arrived to assess the situation, the initial shock was beginning to wear off, and the patient had squirmed and cried out in pain, unable to hold still for the examination. As a student of Xaarus, it was probable that the young mage knew more about tending to a wound like this than all the palace doctors wrapped up in one, but he was in no shape at the moment to be making suggestions or arguing.
    It was evident that the arrow would have to be removed, and there was no way anyone could endure that process while awake and alert.

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