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The King Of Mulberry Street (2005)

The King of Mulberry Street (2005)
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The King Of Mulberry Street (2005)
The King Of Mulberry Street (2005)

About book: In 1892, life was bleak, people were poor, and struggled every day to survive. At just 9 years-old, Dom was living in Italy with his family...a family who adored him, cared for him, and wanted only the best for him. His mother was his world. But, for whatever reason, Dom's mother thought it best he be sent to America, where life was better. She could only afford passage for one. And so, Dom finds himself alone in New York, trying to survive. He survives by the skin of his nose, using the wisdom and knowledge his family gave him back home. Recalling proverbs his Nonna recited, Dom began work as a sandwich vendor on Wall Street with his new friends, Gaetano and Pietro. At first, he slept on the streets and begged for food, but he soon found a way to survive and acquire the simple necessities of life that we all take for, a clean bed, and enough food, and an occasional hug from a grandmotherly Signora Esposito. Horrifying as this all seems, these events are based on fact. Many young boys, as young as 5, were sent an ocean away to survive on the streets of America...all because their families wanted them to have a better life. It is a novel of unimaginable horrors, scenarios, and will to live. The King of Mulberry Street is a book that everyone should read and then get down on their knees to count their blessings. Used for Hiawatha School Book Talk: March, 2010.

I read this book because it was assigned reading for a 6th Grade English class that I have been asked to cover for the next 3 and 1/2 weeks. I have to admit that it's not a book I would have pulled off the shelf on my own. All I can say is that I'm glad I crossed paths with this novel. I am already a fan of historical fiction and Donna Jo Napoli, so I was pleasantly surprised when I finally got this book in my hands. It tells the amazing voyage of 9 year old "Dom" as he makes his way across the Atlantic as a stowaway, escapes from Ellis Island, and proceeds to build a life for himself in 1890's NYC. All by himself!! It pulls you in and doesn't really let you go. Luckily, it's a very quick read. I could go into all the great themes and teaching points that this story provides, but I think I'll just let you see for yourselves.
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I personally thought this book was beautiful. The book follows Beniamino/Dom, a nine year old boy who was sent to America from Napoli, Italy for the good life in the late 1800's. The book covers all aspects of the immigration process at the time, from Ellis Island to the padrones problem. Since it was children's there I didn't expect a lot of depth, but I was wrong. The characters were so three-dimensional. Gaetano was by far my favorite. I loved the way we could see the 'immigrant ego' through his character; he refused to speak english and didn't speak to anyone who wasn't Italian. I also liked how Beniamino/Dom struggled with his Jewish side; he tried his very best to constantly hide his faith, in order to fit in. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical and children's fiction.
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Lexile Level: 560Pages: 256Summary: When nine-year-old Dom’s mother smuggles him aboard a ship bound for America, he expects to find her hiding elsewhere on the ship. When she doesn't appear, he sets about following her instructions to survive: watch, learn, get an education, and become successful. In 1890s New York, a padrone was necessary for most Italian boys on their own, but Dom’s mother didn't want him to be anyone's slave. Through intelligence, a willingness to work, and a clear understanding of the importance of sharing, Dom finds friends and begins to make a living selling sandwiches to Wall Street workers. Working hard he is, indeed, his own boss and has come to terms with the sacrifice his mother made for him. Recommendation or Comments: The author has given us a well-rounded character who overcomes many hardships and obstacles to survive the rough and tumble life of an immigrant book new to America.Reviewed By: Michèle Freese
I choose this book because it looked like a good book but when I previewed it, it sounded like a war book in some was and I love war but it is not about war at all. Historyicul fiction. A whos mom wants him to go to the U.S.A and he does and ends up by himself sleeping in a back ally in a barel. The main character is a sweet little boy who lives by himself and trys hes best to find food for himself and ends up getting beat up a lot for no reason. ones he meats his frined Guoto they become good frinds and start there own business. he wants to be able to buy a ticket fo rthe train but never has enough money so he trs startin gis on sandwich shop on mllberry street. His business thrives and he gets a small job at a little food store. this book was very good although it started out a little dry ones you got 50 or so pages in to it, it was a prett good book and I think it would be better based at guys.
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