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The Detective's 8 Lb, 10 Oz Surprise (2016)

The Detective's 8 lb, 10 oz Surprise (2016)
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The Detective's 8 Lb, 10 Oz Surprise ...
The Detective's 8 Lb, 10 Oz Surprise (2016)

About book: He lay on his bed, hands behind his head, staring up at the white ceiling. He’d hated the look on Georgia’s face last night, hated that he was disappointing her. But what was he supposed to have faith in? Burglars and murderers and vandals and pissed-off husbands who keyed vehicles belonging to the men their wives flirted with?
    Himself? Ha. That was a scream.
    Yeah, he’d gotten Bentley the greyhound back for Harriet Culver. He’d been nice to an eleven-year-old dognapper. He was a cop. His job was to do right by the people of Blue Gulch.
    He belonged back in Houston. There his cases were more about danger and murder and armed robbery than about dealing with people. Sure, he interviewed and interrogated, but his job in Houston was evidence based, sizing people up. Here in Blue Gulch, it was too much about the community, too people focused, people he’d come to know. He missed the anonymity of Houston.
    Avery had graduated from high school.
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