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The Dead Don't Get Out Much (2005)

The Dead Don't Get Out Much (2005)
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The Dead Don't Get Out Much (2005)
The Dead Don't Get Out Much (2005)

About book: Remembrance Day is a proud day for Camilla MacPhee's good friend, Mrs. Violet Parnell, one of five thousand Canadian women to go overseas during World War II. But the next day she has vanished. Camilla, with only a few letters and documents to guide her, follows her friend to Tuscany, chasing though historic towns, across high promontories and along steep mountain roads. Vanishing old partisans and Allied aircraft crash sites keep Camilla hopping as she tries to find Mrs. P. before someone with a deadly serious reason to keep the past hidden finds her first. The fifth Camilla MacPhee takes the irascible Ottawa lawyer's adventures to an exotic new locale, with the usual murderous results.
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