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Swept Under The Rug (2012)

Swept Under the Rug (2012)
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Swept Under The Rug (2012)
Swept Under The Rug (2012)

About book: Maggie is cleaning lady with an elite clientele. She's also a police informant and feeds information on criminal behavior amongst the upper echelons of Hudson. When she stumbles upon a threatening note on a clients fax machine she immediately storms the police station with her tip. Unfortunately she's jumped the gun and the police dismiss her tip...but she knows something is hokey.When the lady of the house disappears, apparently kidnapped, she finds herself on the suspect list and with the police looking her way, it's up to her to clear her name and catch the culprit. I read a lot of this type of book. Quirky mysteries with a female sleuth. There are certain things I see a lot, things that drive me crazy. It really bugs me when the heroine needs to be saved by the hero. It really bugs me when the heroine should be a Darwin award recipient because the decisions they make are so completely stupid. It bugs me when the hero treats the heroine like a child. There's none of that in here. It's a book about a smart, snarky and confident woman who just happens to stumble into crimes and does a pretty good job of solving them and entertaining me. Jennifer L. Hart is good for my sanity, her characters definitely don't make me crazy...for that I thank her.
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I listened to the Audible version of this.Suzanne Ceretta does a great job narrating this farce.Maggie is an undercover cleaning lady.She cleans houses and listens to the dirty deeds of her employers for the local police.In this story she sees a suspicious fax and comes to a conclusion that her employers are in trouble.As usual she's not taken seriously and is even considered a suspect at times.Add marital issues to it and it's a confusing time all around.It's funny,it's gruesome and it's a must read!"I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast or MalarHouse dot com"
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