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Summer Magic

Summer Magic
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Rochelle Alers
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Summer Magic
Summer Magic

About book: She and Logan returned to Marble Island, put away their purchases, then retreated to what had become their sanctuaries. For her it was the family room and for him the front porch. After changing into a pair of shorts with an oversized T-shirt, she picked up her journal and concluded her entries for the day: I must admit it has been a very interesting day. I hadn’t planned to spend it with Logan Prescott—he finally revealed his last name, but I wasn’t given much of a choice. Now that I know who he is, I understand why he’s hiding out on Marble Island. He’s the one who jilted the very beautiful and very wealthy Nina Smith. And there’s no doubt her father is gunning for him, so if I were Mr. Prescott, I would seriously consider changing my zip code—to another state.Lunch was very interesting and what followed equally interesting. We drove down the coast to a larger supermarket where Logan ran into a college friend who is vacationing on Gooseneck with his wife. They were Yale men, and Logan was captain of their rowing team.
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