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Secretly Hers (Sterling Canyon)

Secretly Hers (Sterling Canyon)
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Secretly Hers (Sterling Canyon)
Secretly Hers (Sterling Canyon)

About book: The entire room smelled faintly of her flowery perfume, which caused him to smile.
Kelsey remained seated behind her desk, pen in hand. He noticed she’d pulled her hair away from her face with the antique hair combs he’d bought her in Denver. Her silken locks flowed over her shoulders and hugged her chest. As always, she looked feminine and delicious, despite her absorption in her work. If she weren’t eating for two, he’d probably suggest skipping their dinner plans altogether and going straight to bed.
“Hey, gorgeous. Ready to go?”
“Is it six thirty already?” She glanced at her phone. “Why don’t you go across the street to The Mineshaft and get us a table? I’ll be there in ten minutes, promise.”
“I never say no to ribs.” Trip leaned across her desk to give her a quick kiss, then set the bag containing the lotions and journal he’d picked up earlier today in front of the keyboard. Jessie’s smart-ass remarks about local bets zipped through his mind, but he brushed them aside.
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