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Saying Goodbye, Part One (Passports And Promises Book 1)

Saying Goodbye, Part One (Passports and Promises Book 1)
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Saying Goodbye, Part One (Passports A...
Saying Goodbye, Part One (Passports And Promises Book 1)

About book: I spent most of my time in the library, poring over hundreds and hundreds of kanji until my vision blurred and I put my head down on the desk in defeat. My classmate, Hana, sat next to me, diligently copying the intricate strokes onto notecards as she blew her long, dark bangs away from her face.
    “Come on, Sam. We’re almost there.”
    Hana’s parents were ni-sei, or second generation Japanese, born in Hawaii. Hana had grown up surrounded by Japanese culture, but her parents and grandparents had spoken very little Japanese at home. She also planned on attending Ritsumeikan Daigaku in the spring, so basically we were in the same boat.
    When I first saw Hana, I thought she looked very Japanese. But the more time I spent around actual Japanese people, the more I realized Hana looked Hawaiian. She didn’t walk like Japanese people. She certainly didn’t talk like Japanese people. She dressed like a surfer chick, and she still had the remnants of a tan from all the time she spent in the sun.
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