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Abigail Drake

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Books by Abigail Drake
Saying Goodbye, Part One (Passports and Promises Book 1)
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I spent most of my time in the library, poring over hundreds and hundreds of kanji until my vision blurred and I put my head down on the desk in defeat. My classmate, Hana, sat next to me, diligently copying the intricate strokes onto notecards as she blew her long, dark bangs away from her face....
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~Grandma Sugar The sky darkened as we walked toward the council meeting. I looked up and realized a huge plastic dome covered the entire complex. Rain pelted the roof, but inside it remained dry and warm. Michael noticed my interest. “That dome makes living outside in northern England ever so muc...
Saying Goodbye, Part Two (Passports and Promises Book 1)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
When we arrived in Kyoto, I spent all my time either studying or exploring the city, a place full of narrow, winding streets, and beautiful gardens. Kyoto was a treasure, with ancient temples, holy shrines, historical architecture, and narrow cobblestone paths. Graceful curved rooftops dotted the...
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