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Part Of Me: Stories Of A Louisiana Family (2006)

Part of Me: Stories of a Louisiana Family (2006)
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henry holt and co. (byr)
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Part Of Me: Stories Of A Louisiana Fa...
Part Of Me: Stories Of A Louisiana Family (2006)

About book: A series of vignettes tells the story of five generations of a Louisiana family. The first is Rose, who in 1939 is forced to drop out of high school and get a job in order to help support her newly-single mother and siblings. The ensuing chapters tell the pivotal moments in the lives of her descendants—the moments that make them who they are. The one commonality of all the stories is the presence of books, and how they influence and guide each person, whether they like to read or not.•tMild swearing•tCovers from 1939 through to the present day, including references to Harry Potter•tGreat example of characterization•tGreat example of voice and tone•tQuick read, but it is about characters and pivotal events, not a fluid story. This may be frustrating.•tWriters will enjoy “filling in the blanks” and telling the untold stories. For example, we know when Rose meets her husband, but the book skips ahead to when they are married with children. How did they fall in love?
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This book is very moving and well-written. It is a book that spans several generations of a family and is worth the investment of time. I am not familiar with this section of Louisiana, but Holt's writing truly gave me a sense of place. The aspects of a character becoming a bookmobile driver and that arc over time affected me as a librarian. The interactions between animals and people were insightful. Each new generation had fully-realized characters, and the transition from one generation to the next were seamlessly handled. It has themes of writing, family, love found and lost, and aging. I was sad to see this book end, and found it to be a moving experience. My library put it in the Teen section, but its appeal crosses that arbitrary boundary.
Mrs. Tongate
Sweet read. 1939 Rose, 14, gets her first job driving a Bookmobile in Louisiana. She just moved from Texas to Louisiana to live with her grandfather, who her family has never met. I loved the progression with all family memebers. You next read about Rose's son, Merle Henry, 2 decades later. Then Merle Henry's daughter, Annabeth. Finally, Annabeth's son, Kyle. All family members share either their love or hate of reading. Kyle hates to read but finds a summer job at the library where he eventually loves reading his Harry Potter books. Sweet read. Loved the ending with Rose traveling the country sharing her story in a Bookmobile!
Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
This is the story of four generations of a family in Louisiana, all tied together by the local bookmobile and library. This format, starting with the oldest generation and working up to the newest, kept me reading, as I wanted to know more in succeeding chapters about characters I was reading about as children. Some stories gave hints of what would happen to people in the future; others didn't. I like the way books influence the various characters in the stories. The final chapter brought it back home to the first generation--most satisfying. This may be my favorite of all of Holt's books.
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