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Orbital Decay (1989)

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Orbital Decay (1989) - Plot & Excerpts

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-Más “realista” que estrictamente Hard.-Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Samuel K. Sloane es un trabajador especializado en la construcción y mantenimiento en gravedad cero que tras un accidente cerca del cráter Rayo Sur en la Luna comienza a recordar (y a grabar para la posteridad por si no consigue ser rescatado) sus recuerdos sobre lo que ocurrió en una estación espacial en la que trabajaba y que tenía un módulo secreto controlado por la NSA para labores de espionaje.¿Quiere saber más de este libro, sin spoilers? Visite:

Overall Assessment: Good ReadCommentary:Published in 1989, Orbital Decay is an example of what I consider the riskiest of all science fiction types - the near future story. In setting a story in the near future, the author inevitably invites the reader's focus to divert from the story towards what the author got right and wrong. If the author gets it really, really wrong - typically by having the story rely on a technology that in the "real world" has been utterly disproven or even worse - completely superceded - then the story becomes at best quaint and at worse laughable. To his credit, Allen Steele gets things mostly right and the story itself survives.Indeed, I make the point above at some length because the central premise of the novel - an initative by the NSA to capture and monitor all communications - is eerily resonant with current events. So I guess here is the flip side of the near future story and why - when things break right - the risks are worth the rewards. Had this book been published in late 2013 I would have simply considered it an opportunistic book - using current headlines to sell books.But because it was published almost 25 years ago (and written a couple years before publication), and because its premise is so in line with today's reality, Orbital Decay becomes an important and meaningful story about fundamental truths. In this case that free speech is always at risk and must be continually defended.

Choppy in places but an entertaining read. Not up to par with the authors later works but engaging enough. Beamjack concept a good foil for the character development. NSA global monitoring of comms... Did Allen travel to our time before he wrote the book?

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