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Not Happily Married In Hollywood: Not In Hollywood Book 2

Not Happily Married in Hollywood: Not in Hollywood Book 2
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Not Happily Married In Hollywood: Not...
Not Happily Married In Hollywood: Not In Hollywood Book 2

About book: Brought up on a diet of noir films I expected a PI to have a dingy office in some out of the way office block, in a bad part of town. Travis Cooper’s office shared a building with lawyer’s offices and was light, airy and modern. The receptionist sitting on the front desk was not an up and coming actress who was filling in time until her big break which is what I saw very often. She was an older woman who looked like she was everyone’s favorite grandmother. I walked up to her with a smile on my face and as friendly a look as I can manage. My mother taught me that you always treat the front desk staff the best and that will make your life so much easier.
“Hi, my name is Trudie Eyre, I’ve got an appointment to see Mr Cooper. Thank you so much for getting me in at such short notice.”
The older woman blushed. I recognized that blush. Reggie was absolutely devoted to Monique but when he put on the charm, he could get women to do anything he wanted. It looked like Travis Cooper’s receptionist was just as susceptible as the rest of the women in LA.
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