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Nobody's Obligation (Swimming Upstream #2)

Nobody's Obligation (Swimming Upstream #2)
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Nobody's Obligation (Swimming Upstrea...
Nobody's Obligation (Swimming Upstream #2)

About book: He wanted to know how Ava was doing. If she was okay. Not just because of the photos, but he genuinely cared. Somehow, Ava’s hot-headed temperament and smart mouth had gotten under his skin and he couldn’t shake it. He’d seen firsthand her quick sarcastic and scathing comebacks when she’d been confronted by press in America, but here in her own home he hadn’t heard a peep. There was nothing on social media, nothing in the papers, and nothing on the television. Either Ava was lying low or she was biting her tongue. Tyler couldn’t help but pray she was okay. That realisation alone terrified him.
    Earlier, Katie’s text had come and shocked him out of his own head.
      Katie: U ok?
      Quickly Tyler shot off a reply before Katie had a chance to worry.
      Tyler: Fine. Y?
      Katie: Saw the paper.
      Tyler: Just bullshit.
      Katie: Liar.
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