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Natural Born Enemies (Cedar River Series)

Natural Born Enemies (Cedar River Series)
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Leap of Faith Publishing
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Natural Born Enemies (Cedar River Ser...
Natural Born Enemies (Cedar River Series)

About book: I’d pulled up a chair next to Uncle Roman’s coffin and sat there pondering what the hell I had been thinking. Being Alpha was not what I’d wanted. I was going to have to quit the sheriff’s department. I loved that damn job and the people of Cedar River. I sure as hell didn’t want to take over the construction company. I hated working construction. It was too many long hour days. Then, there was Luna. I rested my head against the edge of the coffin. I had to talk to her about this. If I didn’t want to be Alpha, was she going to want to be my mate? Essentially, she would become a part of the Pierce Pride. It was unheard of for a wolf to become part of the pride. I loved her. I had fallen for her the first time I saw her smile at me through Samson’s diner window. Our souls were connected. I had claimed her as my mate. Now, this could all fall apart. I don’t think there had ever been a single Alpha in the history of the pride, but I was prepared to be the first.Benson Pierce, Roman’s brother, came in.
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