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My Fight To The Top

My Fight to the Top
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My Fight To The Top
My Fight To The Top

About book: ‘My kids!’ I screamed. The police cars had arrived. I was still crying and shaking on the ground. ‘He’s got the keys to the house. My kids are in the house.’ I became hysterical. ‘My husband’s away on business – it’s just the nanny in the house.’ I pleaded with them to help. My face was on fire. I had stabbing pains in my ribs.
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.
‘Don’t worry, Mrs Mone. We are sending a police car to your house right away,’ the police officer said, trying to calm me down.
‘I need you to take me home,’ I ordered.
The police wouldn’t let me go home. They sent me straight to hospital in an ambulance. My face had swollen to twice its size. An X-ray showed I had a cracked rib. I didn’t care, though. I was fine. I was alive. As soon as I knew my kids were safe, all I could think about was how the carjacking was going to affect the business. I woke up Michael in Hong Kong. He couldn’t believe it. But he didn’t come home early. He was due in a couple of days and was to join me at the Harrogate show.
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