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Read Mates, Dates, And Sequin Smiles (2004)

Mates, Dates, and Sequin Smiles (2004)

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Mates, Dates, And Sequin Smiles (2004) - Plot & Excerpts

In the book Mates, Dates, and Sequin Smiles there is really no particular story that it is portraying, but it does portray friendship. In this book there are four girls, who are best friends, they go by the names of Izzie, T.J., Lucy, and Nesta. This book is part of a series and in each book a different girl is telling the story. In this book Nesta is the one telling the story. In this book Nesta meets a boy named Luke in an acting class that she and her friend Izzie are taking. When Nesta's dad meets Luke he asks her not to see him again, but Nesta doesn't like that very well. She continues to see him and later finds out that Luke's dad and her dad were best friends but something had happened to them. Nesta's dad's sister Nadia had been killed in an car accident and Luke's dad was with her and then he never spoke to Luke's dad again. Nesta is determined to reunite the two and they are reunited because Nesta went down to Luke's restaurant and was determined not to leave until her dad went and saw Luke's dad and it was lunchtime and her dad drove Nesta's mom to the restaurant. After the reunion Nesta, T.J., Izzie, and Lucy all made a pact to never let anything come between them. If you are reading this review I bet you are wondering; was the reunion between Nesta's and Luke's dads a success? Well you'll have to read the book to find out. I enjoyed this book because it teaches a life lesson or gives you life lessons and some interesting quotes some of which are very popular. This author has about ten books in this series and each of the ones I have read have taught a life lesson. One of the quotes from the book is; Life never closes a door, without opening another window.

A light chick lit book ... some light issues but solved through fun high-jinx and everyone was happy in the end

What do You think about Mates, Dates, And Sequin Smiles (2004)?

I read Mates, Dates, and Sequin Smiles as an IR book. This book was about Nesta discovering herself more through a boy. Nesta finds out she has to get braces and she is devasated. She was also called shallow by her friends sort of. So when she goes to an acting class and sees this boy Luke she falls in love. They start hanging out and she wants to prove she isnt shallow. Also she is paranoid that he'll think she is an airhead. Can she prove herself and get her confidence back. I have an text-to-world. At times i see some girls loose confidence over one thing. Like one girl on a tv show lost confidence ove her body image. In my book Nesta lost confidence because she has braces. In the book she is a total babe to boys and then shes down. But then she realizes braces are fine. I give this book *****stars. I gave it 5 stars because it showed me that don't loose confidence in something that won't ruin your life. The details were really good too. I recommend this book to someone who likes the series
—Amanda Yeargin

I didn't like this one as much as I usually like the Mates, Dates about Nesta. I was excited because I had braces for five years and I knew all about the pain and suffering they cause (not just to your mouth but your self esteem). Unfortunately, the book was much less about braces and much more about Nesta meeting a new guy and reconciling her father's relationship with her new boyfriend's father. So on that, I sort of felt like the book was a mixed message and lost its point - is it about coming to terms with braces, or is it about helping people reconcile old grudges? Not sure.But I did like that Nesta, the effortlessly gorgeous one, was the one who had to get braces. Because in real life, the pretty girls always have perfect teeth...

@Poo Cora is entitled to her own opinion and if she wants to call Nesta a POO character then she can!! (I mean really? You're name basically screams pick on me!!) Xx
—Cora Tea Party Princess

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