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Lord of Capra

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Lord Of Capra - Plot & Excerpts

With single-minded purpose, they advanced on the defending line, which remained poised to strike, waiting on a signal.
Evana sensed movement from Jarrok and leaped forward to attack. With her enhanced speed, she beheaded it neatly and took care of two more before Attor or the line of defenders behind her could move. She caught Attor’s surprised look as the first creatures dissolved into clouds of dust after losing their heads. Afterward, the Taurans joined the fight alongside her with unrestrained enthusiasm. Their shouts of encouragement to their fellow comrades rose above the din of screams and screeches coming from the annihilated enemy.
Evana tore into the mass, slicing through necks with deft precision, making short work of the nearest ones. While half of her mind focused on destroying the enemy, the other half contemplated the eventual duel she must fight against the abomination.
Would he expose himself after the creatures were destroyed as the others of his kind invariably did in her past battles, or would he come for her in the midst of the fight?

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