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Long Day Monday (1995)

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Long Day Monday (1995) - Plot & Excerpts

In later years, Ray Sussock would look upon the case as being perhaps the most satisfying of his career. He began with the case and he was there at the conclusion twenty-five years later. It would, though, be many months, if not years, before the sense of satisfaction, the sense of neatly rounding off, would settle in. At the time he found it harrowing, especially when the realization came. When the realization came he had woken up. Screaming. So begins the account of one of the darkest and most peculiar cases to present itself to the officers of the esteemed P Division in Glasgow, Scotland. It opens quietly enough, with the routine investigation of a stolen vehicle that has been abandoned deep in rural Lanarkshire. When disturbed topsoil indicates that something far more sinister has also been abandoned, it reminds Sergeant Sussock of a similar incident some twenty-five years earlier - and to the horror of the investigators, the fields of Lanarkshire begin to give up their dead. Forensic evidence indicates that the victims unearthed had all endured a period of captivity before being murdered, so when a separate inquiry into the sudden disappearance of a young boy becomes linked to the murder investigation, the police realize that a serial killer is at work - and that they are racing against time.

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