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Lexan's Pledge (Starbright Novellas)

Lexan's Pledge (Starbright Novellas)
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Lexan's Pledge (Starbright Novellas)
Lexan's Pledge (Starbright Novellas)

About book: I think the real tragedy is how it used to be a sacred day of remembrance, but now nobody even remembers why. Humanity tortures itself, then celebrates the horrible crimes year after year with memorials. Until one day a new, even more horrible crime is committed and everyone moves on.
What would the world be like if everyone simply got what they deserved?
…With liberty and Justice for all… from First Leader Lakessa’s private journal included in Firene’s secret papers   I wake up too early. My head feels heavy, as though dreams are gathered there, but as usual I don’t remember any of them.
Some minister I’ll be, with no prophetic dreams to tell my congregation.
It’s Monday, my desk calendar says. Which means I survived another social Sunday. And that I have a counseling appointment today. I’ve always seen Counselor Sanfred more often than most of his charges, but since Father died, weekly visits have been a mandatory norm.
At my house, depression claims its own chair in the dining room.
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