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Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series)

Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series)
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Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series)
Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series)

About book: The loud clatter of the wrought iron handles sounded just before a slow creak reverberated through the room.  As the doors parted and as light was allowed to filter in from the large hallway behind those doors, Arianna’s eyes widened to see ten men, chained and hooded, being led single file into the ballroom.  Three men, dressed in head to toe black, directed the line of chained men.  When they’d reached  the center of the ballroom, they were stopped and made to stand facing the stage.  One by one, their hoods were removed revealing disfiguring injuries to their faces.
With his hands clasped tight behind his back and his feet held slightly apart, Joseph stood quietly above them.  “Welcome, gentlemen.  How nice of you to join us this evening.”  Nothing.  No emotion to his words at the sight of ten men who looked to have already been brutalized before being led into the room.  Each man swayed on his feet, their eyes were swollen closed and blood and dirt was smeared across their exposed skin.
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