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In The Middle Of The Wood

In the Middle of the Wood
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In The Middle Of The Wood
In The Middle Of The Wood

About book: First, there was the landing at Pula with Linda and her mother who, at eighty years old, had swollen legs and was suffering from kidney trouble. They landed in the evening, in the dim light, and saw a soldier with a machine gun strapped over his shoulder at the airport. The place seemed strange and frightening, as if they had landed in a ghostly country. In the bus taking them to their hotel Ralph talked to a man from Dundee who worked as a printer on a newspaper. He told him about computers, and how his newspaper office had recently been computerized. It was his first time abroad and he also had his wife and his mother-in-law with him. He had checked out everything in advance and knew exactly when the bus was due to arrive at the hotel. How efficient and bright he sounds, thought Ralph, and I myself feel so heavy and dull and tired. He only half listened to the lady courier in the front of the bus who was describing their route to them. She had an Irish accent.
When they arrived at the hotel they found all the English-speaking residents waiting for them.
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