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Heart Of Stone

Heart of Stone
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The Lovely Messy
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Heart Of Stone
Heart Of Stone

About book: Henri Vallee de Gemmes   More wagons circled, and as Henri peered through the trees, trying to muster the courage, she came from behind him.
    “What the Hedge?” he yelled, as a pair of hands covered his eyes.
    “You have returned!” Emel said, spinning Henri to face her.
    “So I have.”
    “Are you over that rotten friend of yours?” Emel asked, before thrusting herself in a story. Henri listened, wide-eyed and increasingly annoyed. Who was she to talk about his Sophie anyway?
    “So, Beznik returned from dropping her off in the North, and he kept waxing on and on how she was, in no disrespect, a bit too much of a hussy for him. Apparently she recounted the many men she’d bedded. Beznik is a bit inexperienced if you know what I mean. He can’t handle that much woman.” Emel laughed, not realizing how this story caused Henri’s face to blush and heart to race.
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