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Read Series: Undeniable

by Author Madeline Sheehan


Unbeloved (2000)

Another great part in this series. I found this a lot less graphic / violent although a part of me worries that this is just because I've become immune to it all. This is one crazy messed up world but the characters have kicked their way into my affections and there's no turning back now. I reall...

Unbeloved (2000) by Madeline Sheehan

Unbeautifully (2013)

A little less violent or crude than the first book... We got a more constant stream into the romantic relationship of Danny and Ripper which is different from the time jumps in the first book. We also got to see more of Deuce's & Eva's relationship and how what happened with Frankie at the endi...

Unbeautifully (2013) by Madeline Sheehan