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Eochaidh - Legend Of The Horsemen (Book One)

Eochaidh - Legend of the Horsemen (Book One)
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Eochaidh - Legend Of The Horsemen (Bo...
Eochaidh - Legend Of The Horsemen (Book One)

About book: It sat in a lovely dell halfway between the forest and the village square.  Seven enormous oak trees surrounded the area, their trunks so wide that four adults holding hands around them just spanned the width.  Their ancient boughs spread outward in every direction and then finally twisted up into the sky like maidens performing a May Day dance. The leaves on the trees were bright green, and the young acorns were nestled securely within their folds.  Beneath them lay the remnants of many seasons of fallen leaves and acorns, creating a brown rug below the green canopy.
Ten brightly colored caravan wagons formed a circle inside the protective cover of the oaks and within the circle, small tents and booths had been set up so the Gypsies could encourage the throng of villagers to try their hands at games of chance, purchase wares, enjoy the Gypsy dancers or even have their fortunes told.
Pausing at the top of the ridge above the dell, Jepson turned to Meaghan and Monty and cautioned them.
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