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Drenched Panties

Drenched Panties
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Drenched Panties
Drenched Panties

About book: Nicki said, glancing at her watch.
    She was late and she was never late for her Friday morning sessions with her personal trainer. She had committed herself to getting in shape and Ryan had helped her achieve that goal. Within the past year she had shed several inches off her frame and lost almost twenty pounds. She was in the best shape of her life.
    Nicki sighed to herself as she pushed the doors open to the private gym. Ryan was nowhere in sight, but she knew he was in the building. He’d never missed a session with her. She knew he would show her no mercy with his workout, especially since she’d come in late. He had told her tardiness was not tolerated before they’d even started training together. He didn't care about her excuses during the workout and she was certain he wouldn’t care to hear the reason she was running late.
    Today, she would welcome the intensity of her session with Ryan. In all the time she’d worked with him he’d never let her quit, no matter how much she whined.
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