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Curtain Up (2015)

Curtain Up (2015)
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Curtain Up (2015)
Curtain Up (2015)

About book: Similarly, novels and short stories by Agatha Christie that are referred to but which were not adapted for the stage in her lifetime are not listed here. There are numerous websites and books offering ‘definitive’ lists of Christie’s published work and, of these, Robert Barnard’s A Talent to Deceive (Collins, 1980) includes a particularly helpful record of the UK and US publication histories of her novels and short stories in book form in her lifetime. Publication dates listed below are for UK first editions unless otherwise indicated.
ACA = The Agatha Christie Archive (Christie Archive Trust) LCP = Lord Chamberlain’s Plays collection, British Library The Plays of Agatha Christie Plays that were performed in Agatha Christie’s lifetime appear in the order in which they were premiered. Others appear in approximate order of writing.
A Masque from Italy       Original one-act stage play       Typescript in ACA       Unperformed       First published: The Road of Dreams, Geoffrey Bles, 1924 The Conqueror       Original one-act stage play       Typescript in ACA       Unperformed/unpublished Teddy Bear       Original one-act stage play       Typescript in ACA       Unperformed/unpublished Eugenia and Eugenics       Original one-act stage play       Typescript in ACA       Unperformed/unpublished The Clutching Hand       Full-length stage play       Adapted from: The Exploits of Elaine (novel by Arthur B.
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