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Crickets' Serenade (2006)

Crickets' Serenade (2006)
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Crickets' Serenade (2006)
Crickets' Serenade (2006)

About book: That’s not to say I wasn’t doing my part. I spent quite a bit of time with Mrs. Eldermeyer in some of the New Kingston shopping areas handing out flyers and urging people to vote for Lewis Montrose. There seemed to be a different story in the paper everyday about some incident taking place between Labor and National Party members. Three boys had started shooting during a Labor Party rally near the national stadium, and a little girl had been killed. There were stories about not being able to walk through some of the west Kingston districts without risking your life. But up along Old Hope Road, there were no political slogans painted across walls. There were no shootouts happening in the streets. Most people didn’t seem all that concerned with what the papers were reporting. I didn’t need to see what was going on in downtown Kingston, but I did want to get more involved in the campaigning. About five weeks before the election, I got my wish.
    I traveled with Lewis to Lucea, Negril, Little London and Savanna-La-Mar, all on the western end of the island.
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