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The Dark: A Collection (Point Horror)

The Dark: A Collection (Point Horror)
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The Dark: A Collection (Point Horror)
The Dark: A Collection (Point Horror)

About book: She opened her eyes.
She was lying on their mattress. The first rays of dawn were filtering through the drapes, which Ronnie kept tightly shut. Katie lay right next to their bed on her own mattress, sound asleep. She was cuddling Mr. TR Bear and Lou. One of Lou's cinnamon ears was in her mouth.
Bianca wanted to slip her arms around Katie and carry her back to her bed. It would make her feel more secure. But the little girl was so peaceful that Bianca didn't want to disturb her. Lately she had been so miserable with her unexplained skin rash.
Bianca rolled over, expecting to find Ronnie next to her. He was gone. She couldn't hear any sounds from the bathroom. She got up. She wrapped her robe about herself and went searching for him. He wasn't in the dining room. He wasn't in the kitchen. She was beginning to grow alarmed when she saw a row of suitcases lined up in the foyer right next to the front door.
In her bare feet Bianca padded over to the door and peered out. There was Ronnie loading suitcases into the back of a limousine.
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