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Chasing Justice (Gay Detective Romance Novella)

Chasing Justice (Gay Detective Romance Novella)
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Chasing Justice (Gay Detective Romanc...
Chasing Justice (Gay Detective Romance Novella)

About book: “While you were busy I got T.J. to talk,” Elizabeth said.
“No shit!” he said, surprised, swiveling his chair to face her. “Tell me everything.”
“I played the protective mother card and guilted him into it.”
“Did he really see it happen like my CI said?”
“He heard one of the crew’s lieutenants, Rolo, bad-mouthing Buddha and saying he wanted to take over the operation. Apparently he wasn’t happy with his cut. T.J. happened to be standing outside the bodega with Buddha when the hit went down. He was right next to him on the sidewalk.”
“Bad luck.”
“Yeah, especially when he told me Rolo had made quite a name for himself among the crew. T.J. was afraid.”
“That’s just what I thought,” Luke said. “I kind of feel sorry for the kid.”
“I dropped the narcotics charge from the heroin you found on him to get him to talk and agree to testify. Rolo has a sheet as long as my arm. Until the D.A. gets their ducks in a row, we’ll be sure to keep T.J. in protective custody.”
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