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Cats In Space And Other Places (1992)

Cats in Space and Other Places (1992)
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Cats In Space And Other Places (1992)
Cats In Space And Other Places (1992)

About book: Space. The feline frontier.It has been said (by Mark Twain) that "if man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat." In this volume we explore the many and manifest reasons why humans should voluntarily accord first place in space to their feline brethren. From Robert A. Heinlein's "Ordeal in Space" in which the merest kitten confers the gift of courage on his human, to Cordwainer Smith's "Ballad of the Lost C'mell," which answers the very question of what would be the outcome of the melding of human and cat, we offer here 16 reasons why cats are Number One in our book.Contents:The Game of Rat and Dragon by Cordwainer SmithMouse by Fredric BrownShip of Shadows by Fritz LeiberSchrodinger's Cat by Ursula K. Le GuinTales of a Starship's Cat by Judith R. ConlyWho's There? by Arthur C. ClarkeBullhead by David DrakeOrdeal in Space by Robert A. HeinleinSpace-Time for Springers by Fritz LeiberThe Tail by M.J. EnghWell Worth the Money by Jody Lynn NyeChamur's Homecoming by C.J. CherryhDuty Calls by Anne McCaffreyBlack Destroyer by A.E. Van VogtThe Pride by Todd Hamilton & P.J. BeeseThe Ballad of Lost C'mell by Cordwainer SmithThe Man Who Would Be Kzin by Greg Bear & S.M. Stirling
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