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Branded By Kesh

Branded By Kesh
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Branded By Kesh
Branded By Kesh

About book: Anger sent me stomping my way back to the kitchen the next morning. It was good I didn’t come across anyone on the way because I didn’t think I could be civil. I banged pots and pans as I started breakfast, the noise echoing around the empty kitchen and dining room.I had a lot to think about. My conversation the night before with Jaxxon had left a sour taste in my mouth. I thought I was doing the right thing by offering to cook for the people that had saved us, but what if I’d abandoned my family when they needed me? And what about Kesh? Was I doing what Jaxxon said and chasing after something new and interesting when I had a relationship that was suffering because of something I’d always thought I wanted?My parents had an open relationship all my life. I’d watched them make it work. They loved each other and allowed each other the freedom to have other partners when someone came along who they found fascinating. My sister and I were both from relationships my mother had with other men, and my papa had raised us as his own kids.
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