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Blink: 1 (Rebel Minds)

Blink: 1 (Rebel Minds)
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Blink: 1 (Rebel Minds)
Blink: 1 (Rebel Minds)

About book: The dim lights and smoky atmosphere feel like home and I swallow a gulp of cold beer, preparing for my first set. The door opens and she walks toward me, drawing the attention of men from all sides.
    “Hey girlie, ready to knock ‘em dead?”
    “You bet.” My lips curve. My sister always knows how to make me smile.
    Sierra grins back. “Glad I could make it.”
    “Like you would have let me play if you weren’t going to be here.” I roll my eyes, giving her a swift kiss on the cheek in greeting.
    She shrugs. “Hey, I’m just looking out for my baby sis. Someone’s got to.”
    I shake my head and make my way toward the stage. My voice is a little rusty, but I push past it, pounding the black and white keys on my opening number. Part of me wishes Wisdom would walk through the door, like last time. It’s ridiculous, but I think it anyway.
    The set goes well and I end with my new song.
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