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Across The Line (In The Zone)

Across the Line (In The Zone)
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Carina Press
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Across The Line (In The Zone)
Across The Line (In The Zone)

About book: Calder’s name headed up the pro column. She was in love with the guy, but she’d never moved in with anyone before. Ever. She’d had a roomie when she was in college and it had taken a long time for them to get used to each other. What if he was a slob? His place had seemed neat enough when she’d been there for the wedding, but he might have just been on his best behavior for the weekend and/or had a maid come. Maybe he usually left his flip-flops all over the house and let the dishes pile up.
    On the other hand, he’d have to get used to her too. He might find her a little compulsive about things being in their place. If she reopened Cups in San Diego, he might come to resent her long hours, especially at the beginning.
    But if they loved each other, in theory, they should be able to overcome any small irritations that arose day to day.
    Second on the pros list was the fact that there would be some distance between her and the family.
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