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Tracy Rozzlynn
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Verita (2011)

I very much enjoyed this novel! I am a huge fan of fantasy and sci fi novels, and the way that this one started out left me skeptical at first, but then I became entranced and invested in Brett's struggles, finding myself wanting to learn and grow with her. I loved the detail of the new world, ...

Verita (2011) by Tracy Rozzlynn

Fast-Tracked (2000)

Poor, struggling, young adult dystopia this isn't. Instead the main character has made it to the upper-class. Survival takes on another dress. Society and politics are the main course rather than grizzle from the garbage. Though I find the strong fem lead one of my criteria for a good book, this ...

Fast-Tracked (2000) by Tracy Rozzlynn


We’re home. I should be elated and relieved, but I have mixed emotions. I can’t calm the butterflies in my stomach or shake my feeling of apprehension. So much has happened in the weeks since Ryan and I were caught in the flood. I don’t feel like the same person who left the base. It’s silly, but...

Concisus by Tracy Rozzlynn

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