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Fast-Tracked (2000)

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Fast-Tracked (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

Poor, struggling, young adult dystopia this isn't. Instead the main character has made it to the upper-class. Survival takes on another dress. Society and politics are the main course rather than grizzle from the garbage. Though I find the strong fem lead one of my criteria for a good book, this one is strong in a way I don't like from about halfway through the book. She easily gets caught up in the intrigue and loses her way often, becoming one of those she hates for the one she loves. Oh, yeah, there's romance and the angst involved.This is probably the worst book to read when you are financially the poorest you have ever been, when the country faces the fiscal cliff at midnight tonight, but in spite of all the above, the book has an interesting point of view and you find yourself rooting for humanity. And I am leaning to actually wanting to read book 2. Go figure. Tracy Rozzlynn is a great story teller. This is an awesome book about love, loyalty, stalking and the perils of catching the eye of somebody in a far higher social station than yourself. Set in a dystopian society, where your high school results determine your social standing for the rest of your life, this book tells the story of a girl whi is fast-tracked - elevated by her results to the highest social status there is. However, it doesn't taker her long to discover that fast-trackers are rarely welcomed and high school results can be manipulated by those in power. Piss off the wrong person, and your child's life could be ruined. Catch the eye of the wrong person and you could find yourself fast-tracked - and trapped. Like many young adult novels, the quality of writing in this book is superb, the plot complex, and the story enthralling from the start. I am hooked and I absolutely cannot wait until the second novel is released.

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I could not get into this book or the characters. I didn't feel they need to want to read the cycle.

Not very original or interesting. And the writing style was kinda bland.

Despite some of the errors I enjoyed the story.Full review to come.

DNF, couldn't get the point of the story.

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