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Christine Zolendz
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Scars and Songs (2000)

Scars and Songs...Could pretty much cover the whole series! I really liked them all. This review is going to intermingle my thoughts on book two and three, at the same time.I read two and I was twisted in knots... Waiting, wanting, and needing them to just do something, anything to stop the tortu...

Scars and Songs (2000) by Christine Zolendz

Brutally Beautiful (2000)

It was interesting to a point and then gradually it was ... zzzzz.A girl on the run from her ex-husband, a guy that is literally ... nuts. Not much of an alpha here. Just a guy that's dark & gloomy and supposedly is sexy as hell? I read half of the book and was just waiting and waiting for Sam & ...

Brutally Beautiful (2000) by Christine Zolendz

Cold-Blooded Beautiful (2000)

The problem with a story as we'll written as this one is trying to find another one read that can match up to this one. I'm left in search of another great adventure. It's quite a challenge.This one is a page turner. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. Forget romance this is funny and thri...

Cold-Blooded Beautiful (2000) by Christine Zolendz

Suite 269

@Kavon #MarkTwainSaidItBest I’m not even sure he was talking about the magazine anymore. I wanted to ask him if this had anything to do with us. Was I someone people settled for? No, I wasn’t. I would never want to be. It’s the reason why I wouldn’t go back to Kevin.     I spe...

Suite 269 by Christine Zolendz

Saving Grace

I changed into sweats and spent the rest of the day running in the park. The weather was a mild 60 degrees and the smells of an early spring wafted through the trees. I made a mental note to try to take a trip to Lea's parent's house to pick up my bike, it was definitely moving into riding weathe...

Saving Grace by Christine Zolendz


Then smile. #TripleX     A lone dimly lit light bulb sways gently from the jail cell’s ceiling. It hurts to open my eyes toward it, so I squint to try to ease the pain. A handful of loudly buzzing insects fly wildly around the dull yellow globe and just the sight causes me to scratch at my arms a...

#TripleX by Christine Zolendz

Best Man

It was no use though; after a few minutes, we were soaked to the bone.I’d heard about a storm coming before I left the house this morning, but I thought it was supposed to be rolling in late at night. I checked my phone; it was only two in the afternoon. How was I getting this kid home without he...

Best Man by Christine Zolendz

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